caramel apple crisp

we had too many apples in our fridge to just let spoil, so i decided to make individual caramel apple crisps with vanilla bean ice cream. just picture a scoop of ice cream on top with caramel sauce drizzled over it. the base of the tart is made with oats which gives it a nice crunch. it was AMAZING. just AMAZING. 


peter rabbit stew

this past week was pretty cold. nothing sounded more delicious than vegetable stew. this recipe has every vegetable imaginable...you name it...it's in there. we then served the stew with a roasted garlic ciabatta. 


starbucks and clue

oh the things you do when it's freaking snowing, and you have a major calculus test....

because of the cold, i decided to wear my mafia leather gloves. i also found one last use for my halloween candelabra. please tell me these pictures remind you of the movie 'clue'?! miss scarlet in the study with the candelabra. love it.

LOVED the salted caramel hot chocolate from starbucks. it honestly tastes like warm toffee and caramel. perfect for a hellish day.


craving fulfilled

these girls are a dream. we just had to go to paradise cafe in slc due to the warm gooey chocolate chip cookies....oh and the amazing sandwiches. while we were there we decided to stop by the gateway for a little fun around some of my favorite shops. what a relaxing night.