my new littmann

look what came in!
Photo 5
this pretty much only applies to those who understand how amazing medical tools are. this is my new littmann stethescope. i have already been putting this thing to good use. take for example this...

Photo 11

everyday i get home i ask to listen to everyone's heart beat. they definitely get a kick out of hearing their own heart. it makes being alive just that much better. can't wait to start using this to hear abnormal beats!


brain cupcakes

brain cupcakes
aren't these martha brain cupcakes for halloween to die for? i don't think i could be that creative and think of all those brain names. the only name i could think of to add the mix is....Abby Normal.


destination charm necklace

my sister's friend came over to our house tonight wearing this...
Paris Necklace

urban outfitters also makes this necklace
Venice Necklace

i think i have to have both.