xooro: spanish fritters

so happy to find out that there is going to be a location in san diego. 

xooro is a company known for their churros (aka premium spanish fritters) that are filled with custards and topped with a bunch of sweet treats. 


wake me up when we get to beaver

while driving home from the grad party, my sister says, "wake me up when we get to beaver". i will never forget these words for as long as i live. beaver? where is beaver? the story begins....

once i finished byu, i had to move out of my apartment and drive all of my things home. this picture just about explains how much stuff i had. my car was literally packed to the brim. my sister and i had a deal that i would drive the first half of the trip, and she would proceed to finish the rest. a couple of hours into the trip my passenger of a sister tells me, "wake me up when we get to beaver". period. that's it. no explanation, just a statement. so i proceed to travel down the I-15 listening to music, everything peaceful, UNTIL.....

i had just made it over a hill to see 2 cops parked on the side. i immediately felt a pit in my stomach. he didn't even have to turn his lights on. me, being the leader of the pack of cars, pulled quickly over to the side, saying something under my breath only to see my sister waking up from a deep slumber. "what's happening? where are we?" she says. "i have no idea, but i'm getting a ticket" i angrily apply. before the cop got out of his car, i had my license and registration already handy. as he was approaching my window, my arm was perched out with documents in hand. "wow, where are you going?" the officer asked.

"ohh, i just graduated from BYU....i'm driving home"

"well i clocked you going 91, and it's a 70 area, but because you just graduated, i'll knock it down 5 mph"

-i paused for a moment with my jaw to the floor because he is writing me a ticket, yet trying to be the nice guy at the same time. this is when my sister nudged me in my side and told me to say thank you for what he had done. and me, gritting my teeth, said thank you.-

"okay go on your way now, drive safe, and happy graduation!"

i hate beaver.

graduate party part due

grandma, mom, child

who knew nicoli was so good at being a florist. i taught him well.

the party was an absolute blast. gram went WAY overboard. thanks for everything! love you!

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graduate party part uno

my party planner of a grandmother decided to throw us grads (me and ash) a little get together with tons of food (delicious pasta...a staple in our house), gorgeous flowers, and wonderful friends and family

grandmama and girls

cousins sean and joey

my adorable cousins jord and morg

miss sassy
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goodbye high school

little sister graduated from GOHS this week.

how precious

-ash and dave-
(quite the kodak moment)

dave's sweet native american dance

-kids minus little boys-

congrats from one grad to the other. looking forward to going to the same school as you. go cougars.

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Newsweek's Top 1500 High Schools

so excited to see my alma mater, Mission Viejo High School, make Newsweek Magazine's Top 1500 High Schools nationwide. we just so happened to be ranked #325!! go diablos.

went to ash's graduation from Great Oak this week. more on that later....


la cafetiere

wouldn't mind this lovely french platter added to my kitchen collection.