i'm so glad that i was able to go to Ketchup in LA. the weather was so gorgeous! going for lunch was the best idea for sure. we ended up getting to sit right on sunset and enjoy the loud construction going on down the street. we were all so hoping to run into audrina or lc while we were there, but to no avail :)

the interior was so unique and there was not a soul in the restaurant

me and mel
right above sunset (rin, me, mel, and jami)

these are the parmesan, cajun, and sweet potato fries that they serve (the sweet potato fries were covered in cinnamon sugar!) you can try the different kinds of ketchups they have such as chipotle, bbq, ranch, banana, and wasabi ketchups. it was so good! i'm totally going back.


yard house

sharin' some laughs, and eating some din din with the nursing girls.