teacher luncheon

snapped a few pictures from the luncheon. everything went smoothly with the menu.

creamy tomato basil soup

gelato with biscotto

luncheon was a hit. check please.


la dolce vita

honestly, i don't think this day could have been better. i got to spend quality time with grandma and the sister in the always wonderful downtown Pasadena (and eat at this DREAM of a restaurant...(another location at South Coast Plaza)

and shop around the plethora of shops and boutiques. not to mention the fact that i walked through my favorite store, sur la table, and came home to my mouth watering, haagen daaz-like, strawberry gelato and chocolaty biscotti i worked so hard to get perfect. needless to say, i was so pleased with the outcome.


party of 12

next week i'm catering a luncheon for teachers around southern california. menu will include...
lobster bisque
ricotta and spinach raviolis with chopped asparagus in a wine butter sauce
homemade strawberry gelato with chocolate hazelnut biscotti
stay tuned for pictures.
-invitations from papyrus-