accordion toppers

i learned the coolest fact weeks ago. my great grandfather had his own accordion group that would perform during the parades. he's the little blonde guy on the left conducting the group.


pottery barn

i remember seeing this picture at work and loving it. who wouldn't want this as one of their doors?
these wall pieces are so much fun. every time i see the fork i just want to say "buona forchetta!"


edible art

how cool is this picture?? i made this all out of chocolate! tonight we had a little RS activity where one of our girls who went to le cordon bleu in london taught us how to make chocolate pieces for cakes, pastries, sculptures, etc. more picts to come. the chocolate has to be tempered correctly before you can make your design. it's a tedious job to outline every specific detail in your picture, but obviously the outcome is so worth it.