san diego boat party


funniest kid to watch dance




pechanga pirate party

the invites to this party were adorable. we received a box and inside was a bottle filled with sand and sea shells....just like what you would find floating in the ocean (message in a bottle).

bree and rach 2

bree and rach

pirate 2

me. bree. emily.

prez and prez

prez and sis arnold

out of the movie

seriously by far the coolest costume i have ever seen on the left. he looked like he was pulled out of the pirates movie. and that's no mask he's wearing....miss pinson did his make up!

pinson fam

the pinson family that threw the bash.

pirates 5

patty. bree. brig. me.

pirates 3



patty looked so cute in her costume AND she won best female costume (mainly because of my loud voice)


isn't the cake adorable? patty said it was the best cake she had ever eaten.


the souvenir. the mug says "pinson tavern." too cute.



in the bleak midwinter


never had i heard this song until victoria. i have to admit that this is now one of my favorite christmas songs. i recorded this song on the second take. it's raw, unedited, and lacking that extra something because.....it will be perfected for the cd!

i'm definitely not the first one in the world to expose my talent, but for some reason this song is different. i normally can't STAND to hear myself like any normal person, but i want to share it because of the feelings that even I GET when i hear the song. when victoria and i recorded "In the Bleak midwinter", i think i can vouch for her that we both felt something powerful. now, i have recorded and sang with victoria since i was 15 or 16. i have sang tons of songs, and with the exception of "Evening Lullaby," I have never been moved by a song like I have with this one.

i'm giving a little sample for all of you who won't buy the cd because you haven't heard any songs. it may be a little early for christmas songs, but i don't think you'll mind.

visit here:


it's all about the baby


check out


here you can purchase a christmas cd featuring tons of great artists (one you just might recognize :)
the cd is only $11 and trust me is worth it.

i can't tell you how hard victoria has worked
this lady writes ALL of her songs....let me say that again....ALL of her songs.

Do you know how hard that is?

i find singing all day long extremely exhausting, but imagine sitting at a piano for months writing one song, trying to get the lyrics and melody perfect.

so in need of a christmas present? head over to her website to purchase this dream of victoria's and i promise you, you won't be disappointed.


midori satin ribbon

P1988_m P1987_m
i would love this ribbon, if it weren't $64 per roll.


halloween food labels

Putrid Pumpkin Pie Label

'Putrid Pumpkin Pie'

Catastrophic Caramel Corn

'Catastrophic Caramel Corn'

Rancid Rootbeer Label

'Rancid Rootbeer'

i am having the greatest time with this adobe illustrator program. honestly, it's amazing at what this program can do. i took a regular martha stewart halloween label and made it my own. aren't these to die for?!