it's all about the baby


check out


here you can purchase a christmas cd featuring tons of great artists (one you just might recognize :)
the cd is only $11 and trust me is worth it.

i can't tell you how hard victoria has worked
this lady writes ALL of her songs....let me say that again....ALL of her songs.

Do you know how hard that is?

i find singing all day long extremely exhausting, but imagine sitting at a piano for months writing one song, trying to get the lyrics and melody perfect.

so in need of a christmas present? head over to her website to purchase this dream of victoria's and i promise you, you won't be disappointed.


Alyssa Griffeth said...

CONGRATS!! What an accomplishment! I just ordered a copy for us and CAN'T WAIT to get it in the mail (It has SO many great people we know!) Way to go...You're amazing!

P.S.- Thanks for the tip on the lightning. :) That's a great idea. If only the storms weren't always in the middle of the night...Or if I weren't such a deep sleeper!!!!!

Actually, I just ordered a surge protector for EVERY single outlet in my house, so hopefully we won't EVER have this problem again.

As soon as our crazy life calms down, we need to have a MAJOR catch-up session! I have no idea what you're up to these days.

I can't remember if I've already told you this, but we will be in CA for Christmas and through the end of January. If you are free we'd LOVE to drive down and see you! Love you!

Mary Martha said...

really? awesome! it's about time. You were always so bashful. This is a huge step. so excited for you! whew!

Anonymous said...

Looking for you to sing with someone who's good and doesn't "sing over you". I'll try but they might be 48 or so.

Ike Turner

Victoria said...

Just put up a preview of your "Bleak Midwinter" on the Christmas blog... so, so good:) http://vixchristmasmusic.blogspot.com/