halloween food labels

Putrid Pumpkin Pie Label

'Putrid Pumpkin Pie'

Catastrophic Caramel Corn

'Catastrophic Caramel Corn'

Rancid Rootbeer Label

'Rancid Rootbeer'

i am having the greatest time with this adobe illustrator program. honestly, it's amazing at what this program can do. i took a regular martha stewart halloween label and made it my own. aren't these to die for?!


Anonymous said...

Where are the "Word Of Wisdom" cupcakes?

Experience the taste of Spiritual Hell.

The Pope

Jamie said...

Waaaaaay cute!

Victoria said...

I love Illustrator. I did a 30-day free trial last year, and then couldn't quite afford to buy it after. Sad sad sad...

Diana Hulme said...

Hey...I'm sure you probably already know about the Sunday Suppers blog, but if not, here's the link:
I thought of you when reading it today - I think you'd love all the amazing food & recipes!

Cute labels.