best brother of the year award

this letter was waiting for me to come home from work. so sweet.


my 15 seconds of fame

padres v. dodger game

vip field seats near dodger dugout. ps. field seats are definitely the way to go.
kemp hit a home run on his bday giving the dodgers a win.
and. . . . look who was on t.v!

can you see me?? blue striped shirt and padres cap? that's my brother sitting on my right, and one of our friends.

p.s. i am obsessed with baseball hot dogs. i swear they taste better at the game than anywhere else. i had to physically stop myself from getting another because they were just that good.


day 1 of career job

of course i have to document my first day of work like a 1st grader would do.
7 am - 7 pm.
not bad right?

i'm still pinching myself that i actually got the day shift. how on earth did i get so lucky?
off to save lives, i go.


uhhh scusi, bopadaboopi?

my sister picked out this italian chef's hat from a local italian store so of course we had to perform the infamous family guy episode of "scusi bopadaboopi" . . . needless to say i can never do anything without laughing. the videos are proof.


had such a good and relaxing time at maggiano's for my birthday dinner. there's nothing like enjoying family, delicious food, and amazing weather at the end of summer.

me and blabs

duck face. i can't do it without cracking a smile. she's a pro.

profiteroles and the big 2-5

linguine con vongole

chicken parmigiana e rigatoni
birthday boa from gram
my brother's a model :)

the boys

g-ma and the cousins