day 1 of career job

of course i have to document my first day of work like a 1st grader would do.
7 am - 7 pm.
not bad right?

i'm still pinching myself that i actually got the day shift. how on earth did i get so lucky?
off to save lives, i go.


Roni said...

brava infermiera ricchio!

corinneandmatt said...

You look so beautiful! I bet your patients are happy to see you walk in!

andrea said...

You are sooooo pretty!!!! Patients are totally going to fall in love with you (especially the old men... Mike works at a hospital and all of the old ladies hit on him).
Can't wait to hear more about this new adventure!

Mary Martha said...

Go girl!!!! Congrats!!! When I think about your story of going after this from start to finish it's amazing. Congrats. I'm so happy for u.

Anonymous said...

You are so hot....I have some money in my pocket...why don't you fish around for some change.

Come on Jessie! Try to get the ball.

Family Guy

Anonymous said...

Love the gray outfit....you didn't wear black, horray!
You look beautiful as always...
Uncle Ry's birthday...either Oct. 16 or 30 Let us know.