babington's english tea room

on my trip to rome a few weeks ago, i was unable to visit a quaint tea room called babington's tea rooms located in the piazza di spagna right next to the spanish steps. i briefly saw the menù and knew that i had to return...even if i was by myself. i didn't have work on monday so i decided to take a bus, which took 3 hours, to the tea room where i had the "high tea special" with carly, another intern. the place was nothing less than charming and just what i expected. i think i got to the tea room at 11 AM for brunch and didn't leave until 1:30 PM. i just sat, ate, and enjoyed the english/italian atmosphere...
23 piazza di spagna, roma
- me and carly in front of the spanish steps-
- babington's tea room-

-look at how adorable this table is-

The High Tea Special
Small assorted sandwiches- Hot buttered crumpets with strawberry jam andcanadian maple syrup- Assorted home made cakes and pastries- Babington’s special blend tea

this was the first time i had ever tried crumpets and i think i am slightly obsessed now. they are sooo good. i wanted to become english after that experience.


global warming

today is 13 giugno 2008. according to the natives, it's supposed to be hot, humid, and slightly unbearable. i agree with them on the last part. it's unbearable today. literally. it is practically flooding here. not to mention the fact that when i was on the bus it started HAILING. hail in JUNE? oh great, now i hear tons of thunder...

it's absolutely hilarious to hear the italians talk about the weather. they are completely dumbfounded. no one understands why things are like this. my answer....global warming.

"we called BYU..."

those were the words that I heard when I ran into the two owners of the language/cooking/fine arts school that i attend.

i was preparing the pasta when they said, "Rachel, we called BYU a couple of days ago....the international study program office, and we asked if they could give you an extention..."

i quickly replied, "perdoname?" i was completely confused.

they replied, "we asked BYU if you could stay with us until fall semester starts. would you like to stay with us?"

"wow, that would be awesome if i could stay, but you know...it's too expensive to stay longer...plus i have some things i have to do...i have to ask my parents, etc"

"oh, we will take care of that honey. people here love you and we would love it if you can stay with us."

those were the last words that i heard in the kitchen. thought long and hard and i have decided not to take the option of staying longer, and i have no regrets. made friends, lived in a different culture, spoke the language, learned to cook from experienced chefs....i lived the dream.


the tea room

the tea room is a place where i go on fridays to relax. it is one of siena's treasures....literally hidden beneath stairs. this place sells soothing herbal teas and delicious cakes and desserts that are perfect after a long day at work. the place doesn't open until 9 PM and doesn't close until 3 AM, but this girl can barely stay awake past 11. there is even live jazz music to set the mood.

-the tea room-
-the interior-

-cakes and desserts-


roma 1

roma. huge city, lots of fun, but it is sure great to be back in siena. the weather was perfect the entire weekend minus monday afternoon when it started pouring rain. luckily, i was leaving monday to head back to siena. i ate some really great food and literally saw rome on foot. my feet were hanging on for dear life by the end of my trip.

in the midst of my fabulous trip to roma, my camera died. these are some of the pictures i took. thanks to a friend, i will have more pictures coming shortly...

roman ruins

capitol hill
(because of their independence day, they had the military out guarding the building)
trevi fountain

with the picture of the trevi fountain comes an interesting story. there were and always are tons of tourists that visit this hot spot....including large massive groups of indians (people from india) who like to sell stupid things to the tourists. one of these stupid souveniers included a piece of clay that had glued eyeballs and string for hair. i was constantly bombarded by these men who would say, "only fi (5) eudos." not to mention the indian man that thought throwing roses at me would get me to want to buy them.
more pictures to come ...