"we called BYU..."

those were the words that I heard when I ran into the two owners of the language/cooking/fine arts school that i attend.

i was preparing the pasta when they said, "Rachel, we called BYU a couple of days ago....the international study program office, and we asked if they could give you an extention..."

i quickly replied, "perdoname?" i was completely confused.

they replied, "we asked BYU if you could stay with us until fall semester starts. would you like to stay with us?"

"wow, that would be awesome if i could stay, but you know...it's too expensive to stay longer...plus i have some things i have to do...i have to ask my parents, etc"

"oh, we will take care of that honey. people here love you and we would love it if you can stay with us."

those were the last words that i heard in the kitchen. thought long and hard and i have decided not to take the option of staying longer, and i have no regrets. made friends, lived in a different culture, spoke the language, learned to cook from experienced chefs....i lived the dream.


Geoffrey said...

You've made friends, lived a different culture, learned to cook better than Giara, and lived the dream we all wish we had.....thats why we hate you so much.
Have a good time in the remainder of your trip. When you get back, your on RESTRICTION the rest of the year. Love Ya!

Roger said...

that's awesome! what an experience. too bad you're on restriction when you get back.
so why didn't you want to stay longer?

b said...

Good move. Otherwise we may never get you back.

Lisa Grimes said...

Hi Rachel:

Saw most of your fam at your grandma's house a few weeks ago. Ashley gave me the info on your site. I am in complete shock to read of such wonderful, live-inspiring adventures. You have lived in a culture that very few get to experience. So proud of you and all of your accomplishments. Beauty, brains, cultured, chef, public speaker (wow on that one), kind....and the list goes on. Can't wait to see you when you return!! Love ya!! The OC Grimes (strnad) klan :)

Gram said...

I''m not surprised that they love and want to keep one of my beautiful grandchildren! When you return to Italy, you'll take your folks and siblings! They will be blown away by the beauty of your family...inside and out! We all miss you, but love reading about your adventures! Tell me again when to call you...I don't want to wake you up or interfere with your work schedule! Remember to let me know if you need anything clear across the world! Love, Gram