the countdown begins

purchased new book - check

4th to last person to call to reserve spot (only 450 people allowed) - check

v.i.p treatments (including 1st in line, free stuff, personally meeting Giada, etc.)- check
the sister is 'kind enough' to take my place and be me for a day since i am at school, but i will say that i am oh so close as to ditching school and coming home. i told sis to be like the paparazzi. knowing her, she'd do it just for me. anyone have any free plain tickets that they don't want?!


this napolitaneo-style pizzeria is located in slc and was opened by a mormon guy. while browsing through gourmet magazine, i saw this cute article. in a way i can totally relate to this story because i pretty much did the same thing. settebello's next location ....las vegas! i haven't been able to make it to the slc location yet to give it my stamp of approval, but from what i've been hearing....it's mindblowing.


giada's kitchen

Giada de Laurentiis is coming to south coast plaza to autograph her newest addition. all the proceeds go to her six figure bank account. she's a dream, and for any of you that love her...you have got to go (if anything for me!)

Where:Williams-Sonoma, South Coast Plaza
3333 South Bristol StreetCosta Mesa, CA 92626

When: Wednesday October 15, 2008

Time: 1:00pm


a very unexpected surprise

i am the new proud owner of this beauty! my overly generous, and thoughtful friends mary and andrew went on a little trip to my favorite store williams-sonoma to get a few things AND purchase me a gift...a gift that they knew i would absolutely die over. i don't own a single item from this dream of a company, and they were the first ones to provide me with my first le creuset oval dutch oven. why they would do this, i can only say that these people are self-less, giving, and loving friends. i can't thank you guys enough!


costco is a dream

my adorable roommate has access to a costco card. LOVE her. we just went yesterday afternoon and i bought some fruit, vegetables, and some pasta (the things i eat a lot of). one of the things that i bought was a carton of 'ready pac freshly sliced mangos'. let me tell you that in less than 24 hours, i downed 2 lbs. of mangos. they were amazing and all i want is more, AND i bought 48 oz. of tortellini for 7 bucks. take note family.


pomodori gratinati

i honestly had so much fun recording my first podcast. i could really get used to this!

(click on the title which will lead you to the audio file. this is the rough draft. music will be added later for the final touch)


disco skating

saturday disco nights are by far my favorite. tonight was no exception. skated and danced to all of the classics and probably will be returning next week.


an italian teacher at BYU just asked me to be apart of an italian language podcast on itunes. he wants me to do a culinary portion on the podcast to change things up a bit. when you go on itunes and type in italian language, this podcast is one of the first ones that comes up. my first breakthrough will be the 1st week of october. i will be making "pomodori gratinati" in english. so go ahead and subscribe to this podcast. pastacast.net ... it's free. still thinking of a catchy show name. any suggestions?


my latest obsession

food blogs. makes me want to be a food stylist.

the culinary classes begin

that's right folks. need help in the kitchen? want to learn the italian cuisine? i'm your girl. whitney wanted to learn how to cook a quick, easy, and healthy italian meal for her and paul. i made her wear my coat so she could have the whole chef feeling. she LOVED it and they LOVED the meal.

a night of bowling

what's better than bowling with one of your favorite couples? pretty much nothing. love whitney and paul. i'll hang with those kids any day.


paris or perris?

martha stewart has always been one to obsess over the 'good things' in life. obviously martha thought she was doing a good thing by becoming the mayor of perris (which i'm pretty sure she thought was ritzy and glamorous like paris). little did she know perris would become famous for drug busts and drive by shootings.