the countdown begins

purchased new book - check

4th to last person to call to reserve spot (only 450 people allowed) - check

v.i.p treatments (including 1st in line, free stuff, personally meeting Giada, etc.)- check
the sister is 'kind enough' to take my place and be me for a day since i am at school, but i will say that i am oh so close as to ditching school and coming home. i told sis to be like the paparazzi. knowing her, she'd do it just for me. anyone have any free plain tickets that they don't want?!


Anonymous said...

I reserved and paid for a copy this a.m. Hope I see Vanessa and Ashley there!

geoffrey said...

Can I go too?? I want to see
her knead some dough (heavy breathing).....

Anonymous said...

Rachel is a better cook than Giada....Check

Giada will want Rachel's Autograph...Check

Rachel is more beautiful than Giada...Check

Rachel was a student Chef in Siena and Giada wasn't.....check.

Giada's family is richer than Rachels.....Oh Crap!....check.

frederique said...

I need to see you asap anddddddddddd.....(can you tell i am excited to tell you this?)

I got my mission call this afternoon (friday 9/26)
and I am going to the Italy Milan mission.

Now I have to practice my Italian and get reallly good, so I say we get together? K?

I love you and I miss you!