a very unexpected surprise

i am the new proud owner of this beauty! my overly generous, and thoughtful friends mary and andrew went on a little trip to my favorite store williams-sonoma to get a few things AND purchase me a gift...a gift that they knew i would absolutely die over. i don't own a single item from this dream of a company, and they were the first ones to provide me with my first le creuset oval dutch oven. why they would do this, i can only say that these people are self-less, giving, and loving friends. i can't thank you guys enough!


Anonymous said...

I hate your friends.

Betty Crocker

Cindy said...

I have this very same pot in the same lucious red color, and it is one of my favorites by far! You have really GOOD and GENEROUS friends! Go Le Creuset! If I could have all of the pieces I would, but I do have 4!

Anonymous said...

Hey, mine is blue. It is my favorite pot! You'll love it!