navy seal in training

nick. the navy seal in training. 

my cute brother. 


Guess who came into town?! Jigga! Amanda Glenn (aka Amanda Johnson). What a treat it was to have her spend the night. We chatted for hours and I wish she could have stayed even longer! 

On the way back to her hotel, we stopped to grab a bite to eat at 'Stacked' in beautiful San Diego. Boy was it beautiful. Not a cloud in the sky that day!

Here I am ordering from an ipad. Yes, an ipad.  Whatever happened to pen and paper? Where are the waitresses? You can get whatever you want at the touch of a button now and I must admit. . . it was so cool!

We shared the mac and cheese (divine) and a cheeseburger (also divine). I'll be going back!


sister ricchio's homecoming

me, emma, and brandon in the car on the way to san diego international airport to pick up sister ricchio!

here she is! the pattys are reunited at last! LOL

Untitled from Rachel Ricchio on Vimeo.

what did she want for her homecoming lunch?? cheesecake factory (she just had to have the $5 lemonade)
some of the family at lunch
she just got home and she's still doing missionary work!
making healthy choices of course

i could use some of the avocado rolls right about now

 June 6th was the day Sister Ricchio arrived to San Diego from Sao Paolo, Brazil. She served an honorable 18 months working with the people in Brazil. They were lucky to have her then, and we're lucky to have her back. What a joyous occasion to celebrate. 

my best buy experience


I finally purchased a tv and dvd player for my apartment. I've been paying for cable every month, but failed to purchase a tv until now. whoops. so i went to best buy and purchased the tv, hd cable, and dvd player. WHO KNEW that you also had to purchase audio cables in order for you to hear the sound coming from the tv? well obviously danny from best buy didn't know that either. his final request before we left best buy was to fill out a customer service survey . . . i'll do just that danny :)


a little homecoming celebration for the missionary

it was quite the reunion of friends at the smithy's home for patty. she got caught up on the latest in everyone's lives and even on the food. so much fun. 

transition team

these are my lesson plans. i think i have a  new found appreciation for teachers. . . and i only teach 4 hour blocks of classes! 
here is a view of one of my classrooms (what will be the patient's room once the hospital opens). pretty amazing huh? each patient gets a 42" t.v. 

I'm working on my hospital's transition team for the brand new facility that's opening up this summer. i went from working 3 days a week to now working 5-6. quite the change, but i must say it's refreshing to do something different. teaching other hospital employees is so much fun. i normally teach 2-3 four hour long classes so by the end of the day I am spent. I must say though, it's nice living so close to work and not having to get up so early in the morning anymore!