sister ricchio's homecoming

me, emma, and brandon in the car on the way to san diego international airport to pick up sister ricchio!

here she is! the pattys are reunited at last! LOL

Untitled from Rachel Ricchio on Vimeo.

what did she want for her homecoming lunch?? cheesecake factory (she just had to have the $5 lemonade)
some of the family at lunch
she just got home and she's still doing missionary work!
making healthy choices of course

i could use some of the avocado rolls right about now

 June 6th was the day Sister Ricchio arrived to San Diego from Sao Paolo, Brazil. She served an honorable 18 months working with the people in Brazil. They were lucky to have her then, and we're lucky to have her back. What a joyous occasion to celebrate. 

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