one of my favorite websites is smitten kitchen. when typing the web address in, i forgot to enter in 'kitchen' and instead typed in smitten.com . this website is almost as bad as the 'snuggie'.
the smitten mitten is for friends and lovers
ONLY $13.90


miss dior cherie

once i saw this brilliant advertisement i was hooked. makes me want to fly to france and own a boulangerie. can't get enough of it or the perfume.



love this store and LOVE these...thank you cards from papyrus. i have got to get a box of them quick.


happy sumo

nothing is better than sushi with this dream of a group on one of my last nights in provo


ring christmas bells

saturday was the night of the mormon tabernacle choir christmas concert called "ring christmas bells". the guest artists were Brian Stokes Mitchell (also known as the singer from the prince of egypt soundtrack...phenomenal voice, but very broadway/theater) and Edward K. Herrmann (also known as the husband from the movie overboard). of course motab didn't disappoint.

definitely had chipotle for dinner

we had to stop at the salt lake roasting company for hot cocoa


canterwood christmas

i wish canterwood looked like this again


first presidency christmas devotional

december in utah is my favorite month because of the first presidency christmas devotional and the mormon tabernacle choir christmas concert (which is next week!) . tonight was the devotional and let me just tell you our seats were out of this world. we were literally right in the front. the messages given were outstanding like always, and the music......phenomenal. i got to share that experience with some of my good friends....lucky me.


surprise for the birthday boy

nothin' like a little surprise dinner at the brazilian grill 'tucanos' for the birthday boy on the left. he was so surprised to say the least. love the hill boys.

the group

afterwards we splurged with homemade dark chocolate souffle cakes, vanilla bean ice cream, and a fresh fruit sauce