ring christmas bells

saturday was the night of the mormon tabernacle choir christmas concert called "ring christmas bells". the guest artists were Brian Stokes Mitchell (also known as the singer from the prince of egypt soundtrack...phenomenal voice, but very broadway/theater) and Edward K. Herrmann (also known as the husband from the movie overboard). of course motab didn't disappoint.

definitely had chipotle for dinner

we had to stop at the salt lake roasting company for hot cocoa

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Grant and Alyssa said...


Grant thinks you should go for the cute, tall boy who is suddenly debuting in quite a few of your photos...Haha! No seriously. Actually, I think he looks a lot like a guy I had a crush on freshman year...But who was a lot shorter. Any relationship?

Don't kill me for writing this...You can delete the comment if you want!
Love you!