podcast #2

torta alla nocciola


house cake

love this idea from here.


site shots

can't wait to see the final product of this beautiful site in roma. ...



my debut. look who's makin' her way to the top! foodnetwork here i come!

p.s. sisters, i think we're even now.


a night on the town

on friday, my roommates and I decided to drive up to salt lake city to do some shopping and visit the cheesecake factory...of course we had to order cheesecake before we left. i opted to try a new flavor. let me introduce "limoncello cream torte"...
this was a piece of heaven. oh my word. it had a light lemon taste to it and was served with fresh strawberries to add to the bright flavors of this dessert. definitly something to clense the palate.


an exciting reunion

i just received an email saying that my boss, Dr. Luca Bonomi, Director of the Dante Alighieri School of Siena, Italy, will be visiting BYU on Monday, October 27.
i was invited to attend a special lecture given by him on something inspiring.... "Eating Italian Culture: A Culinary Journey through Italian Art, History, Music, and Literature on Monday, October 272:00 P.M.,

after the lecture, the siena alumni are going to be having a private dinner at gloria's little italy. my all time favorite provo italian restaurant.

i can't wait to catch up. it will be good to speak italian again. ill be posting pictures of the exciting reunion.

let me show you one of the reason's why gloria's is out of this world....

she has definitly perfected the art of baking let's just say
our very own local deli market...love it


big thanks to the sisters for meeting this DREAM of a chef....and taking tons of photos for the obsessed italian chef...

i really don't think she could be any cuter or smaller

they had to wait in line at my all time favorite store to get this...

brand new cook book so it could be....


and the bonus....i have celebrities as sisters
they were featured in the Orange County Register

"Giada de Laurentiis greets fans at South Coast Plaza"

"Sisters Ashley and Vanessa Ricchio, of Temecula, skipped school (high school for Ashley and college for Vanessa) to meet Giada de Laurentiis for the first time. "

job well done girls. thanks a bunch.


giada at home

giada's new show called "giada at home" will premiere October 18th at 1 PM EST. i have a feeling i'm really gonna like this new show. mark your calendars.

Find more videos like this on Giada Network

p.s. my favorite part, "this show gives a glimpse into my everyday life here in california". don't we all wish we had a life like hers.


i did it for the free snacks

i realized that i really like donating blood. this might be so physiologically wrong, but i feel like i can feel the new clean blood running through my veins. everything went smoothly today. didn't feel lethargic, dizzy, etc. what's even better, i filled the blood bad in 5 minutes flat. purely amazing. my poor roommate on the other hand took 13 minutes to fill one bag. so, i snacked on some finger foods, grabbed the free t-shirt and waited patiently for her chocolate sauce-like blood to fill the bag. im definitely going back, and so should all of you who can donate blood. it's quite the experience. my sister would definitely agree with that one.

skating at 7 peaks

last friday the ward hosted a little get-together at 7 peaks ice rink. let's just say i was so excited to be able to skate. maybe i was also excited for the free churros and hot chocolate.

-sweetie and me-

-she always seems to do some stupid dance move that makes me unable to normally smile for pictures -

-whit and danielle (the new roomie)-

this was by far my favorite part of the night, hmm...probably when i went to throw a shoe at her boyfriend and in the process nailed the cup full of hot chocolate. Let's just say she smelled like sour milk the rest of the night


best news i've hear all day

the LDS church will be building a temple in ROMA, ITALIA!!! i couldn't be more excited! the italian members there currently have to go to switzerland (which let me tell you is quite the trip) to visit the temple because there is no temple in Italia. i read an article on this exciting news that said, "The announcement of the temple in Rome brought an audible gasp and smiles to more than 20,000 church members assembled in the Conference Center." i didn't realize how loud i was screaming until my roommates looked at me in shock. the italian spokesman for the church states that "the site many members speculate about is typical Roman countryside adorned with Mediterranean pine trees. The land is located with easy access to a freeway on the outskirts of Rome." it's gonna be a beauty by the sound of it. looks like i will be taking another trip to visit soon!


it's that time of year

motab just released their newest x-mas album for 2008. let's just say it's making me just that much more excited for the holiday season. motab never disappoints. now all i have to do is try to get tickets to see them perform live in december!