best news i've hear all day

the LDS church will be building a temple in ROMA, ITALIA!!! i couldn't be more excited! the italian members there currently have to go to switzerland (which let me tell you is quite the trip) to visit the temple because there is no temple in Italia. i read an article on this exciting news that said, "The announcement of the temple in Rome brought an audible gasp and smiles to more than 20,000 church members assembled in the Conference Center." i didn't realize how loud i was screaming until my roommates looked at me in shock. the italian spokesman for the church states that "the site many members speculate about is typical Roman countryside adorned with Mediterranean pine trees. The land is located with easy access to a freeway on the outskirts of Rome." it's gonna be a beauty by the sound of it. looks like i will be taking another trip to visit soon!


Anonymous said...

Wine will be served daily at noon.

Roni said...

I about jumped out of my socks when I heard the news. Unfortunately, my family did not get the immensity of this news, so I was stoked to get your text. YAY YAY YAY YAY YAY!