i did it for the free snacks

i realized that i really like donating blood. this might be so physiologically wrong, but i feel like i can feel the new clean blood running through my veins. everything went smoothly today. didn't feel lethargic, dizzy, etc. what's even better, i filled the blood bad in 5 minutes flat. purely amazing. my poor roommate on the other hand took 13 minutes to fill one bag. so, i snacked on some finger foods, grabbed the free t-shirt and waited patiently for her chocolate sauce-like blood to fill the bag. im definitely going back, and so should all of you who can donate blood. it's quite the experience. my sister would definitely agree with that one.

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Anonymous said...

Your blood is simply the finest, full of rich nutrients, Olive Oil, Vitamins and Minerals.

Your roommate's blood is full of Cheeze Wiz, Beef Jerkey, and Hostess Twinkies.

Ricchio blood is very special and I hope they gave you more than a few fingers to chew on.

Count Dracula
AKA Nostefaru
(She's Italian?)