an exciting reunion

i just received an email saying that my boss, Dr. Luca Bonomi, Director of the Dante Alighieri School of Siena, Italy, will be visiting BYU on Monday, October 27.
i was invited to attend a special lecture given by him on something inspiring.... "Eating Italian Culture: A Culinary Journey through Italian Art, History, Music, and Literature on Monday, October 272:00 P.M.,

after the lecture, the siena alumni are going to be having a private dinner at gloria's little italy. my all time favorite provo italian restaurant.

i can't wait to catch up. it will be good to speak italian again. ill be posting pictures of the exciting reunion.

let me show you one of the reason's why gloria's is out of this world....

she has definitly perfected the art of baking let's just say
our very own local deli market...love it


frederique said...

i sadly will not be attending. it is my little brothers birthday that night so we will be celebrating that. also, i have class during the lecture. lets run into eachother soooooooon

Anonymous said...

How delicious! Lemon is my favorite! We all thought about you at Ryan's birthday dinner. Ashley met a new girl at the high school from Italy...she is going to be teaching her Italian!

Watch for a little surprise in the mail on Thursday. Love you!