the tea room

the tea room is a place where i go on fridays to relax. it is one of siena's treasures....literally hidden beneath stairs. this place sells soothing herbal teas and delicious cakes and desserts that are perfect after a long day at work. the place doesn't open until 9 PM and doesn't close until 3 AM, but this girl can barely stay awake past 11. there is even live jazz music to set the mood.

-the tea room-
-the interior-

-cakes and desserts-


Anonymous said...

are you sure this isn't a haunted house? I'm impressed you can stay up past 11 now.i miss you.call a sista??

Geoffrey said...

3rd Nephi 14 Verse 12 states: Thou shalt avoid all Tea and Coffee houses as thou spirit will enjoy the atmosphere. Important words to remember. Avoid all cafe's....their evil. Love Warren Jeffs.

Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHAH can I please meet you Mr. Ricchio????????