teacher luncheon

snapped a few pictures from the luncheon. everything went smoothly with the menu.

creamy tomato basil soup

gelato with biscotto

luncheon was a hit. check please.


Trevor and Colette Riley said...

Looks delicious!

Pierce and Stacy said...

YAY! Congrats on your big event. That must have been so fun! Looks good too, I'm sad I wasn't there.

Amanda said...

oh my word. you are a DOLL. please come up here to make me dinner soon. i'll provide the rootbeer.

Anonymous said...

Tastes like "baby vomit"!! Where are the "beeping claims"!!

Barefoot Contessa

Emilie said...

Rach, you've done it again. Looks B- angin!

Mary Martha said...

You're cute. It's okay that our weekend didn't work out. I ended up going to Disney that night which of coarse I would hav emuch rather been with you. But I was glad to not be home alone. I didnt realzie trafic was such a beast that way. My goodness. Looks like you are doing well. Stay in touch!