sin city

dear las vegas,

it's been a while since i have paid you a visit, but rest assured....i'm coming this weekend! i'm looking forward to laying out at your pools and basking in the warm sun instead of packing on layers of clothing here in utah. i'm also looking forward to seeing my friend elton play some oldies that me and whitney can sing along too. just please stop those mexicans from handing us dirty magazines on the street. thanks.


oh hey girl scouts...

this seems to be a time that i really look forward to. a time where little girls sit outside with hundreds of boxes of cookies on the tables. great, now i am sounding like a pedophile. i drove past a little girl scout stand today and it made me crave this piece of heaven.


xie xie

one of my neighbors is from taiwan and loves to make me and whitney homemade potstickers, dumplings, spring rolls, you name it. his asian food is heavenly. so, we decided that we needed to repay the kind favor by serving dessert. hello chocolate hazelnut raviolis with vanilla bean ice cream.


a little trattoria

"Gloria's Little Italy", well, what can i say. this small trattoria was unknown by students for a long time and it was great because i was always seated promptly; however since i have told the world about this new hot spot in provo, it's become the talk of the town and it now takes 45 minutes to seat a party of 2. wow! this small restaurant is owned by an italian family from pisa, italy. their food is to die for and it is well worth the wait. gloria even has a dessert for us momos called "tiramisu mormone" and it's amazing. i got to visit my new favorite restaurant in provo last night with some old friends and then watched "the sixth sense" with my best friend whitney. what a treat.