la famiglia

it's a rare occasion when you have all 8 kids in one picture


bad omen?

i think it's slightly broken? let's just say i thought i was a pro softball player and jammed the finger while catching the ball. not a good memorial day. this thing hurts and it's so swollen i can't even bend it. plus, it's on my ring finger . . . is that bad luck? wish me a speedy recovery because i started a new semester today! impeccable timing right?

sunday brights

love this time of year! we get to wear bright summer colors :)

whitney's and paul's wedding

mr. and mrs. paul davis

washington DC temple. gorgeous.

having some fun in the amazing women's locker room at the country club

it was so hot and humid there that we needed a 7-eleven stop for some slurpies

it was such a beautiful day . . . and then all of a sudden it got cloudy and started raining! supposedly that's good luck. here are all the bridesmaids, sue, and little graybaybay.

miss my shannan. lovely canterwood brought us together.

my shoes were killing my feet. i sat whenever we weren't taking pics!

beautiful wedding. beautiful bride.

the reception was so much fun. i've never seen people that partied as much as the tendall's!

davis rehearsal dinner

all the bridesmaids

the rehearsal dinner was held in the coolest barn in the middle of the MD countryside. beautiful!

shannon and her sister. ps look at our plates . . . we devoured the yummy fajitas from some popular joint in MD and even went back for seconds!