patty's mission call!

on friday, August 20, 2010 patty's mission call finally arrived in the mail!

i went to the mailbox, called patty at work, and she told me she was about to throw up because she was so nervous.

she called everyone she knew in our area to come over our house to watch her open up her call.

we bought food, made dessert, and had a little party before she opened it up in front of family and friends.

we don't look it, but we're seriously all so nervous.
who knows.

(please excuse the screaming, crying, and shaking. . . what can i say, i was a little excited)

. . . . . . . .

look at how cool. brazil sao paulo interlagos mission! does anyone know someone who served there? i need to know what i need to send my sister while she's away!

i can't believe she's going to be speaking portuguese. amazing. i'll have to learn via rosetta stone while she's gone.
personally signed by the big man himself. tommy.