jigga's wedding

the wonderful thing about going to salt lake city for your friend's wedding (besides the wedding) is eating at all those places that you've missed and loved so much.

take for example kneaders. my word i don't think i've tasted better french toast in my life. i even went back for seconds and that never. happens. oh well. sooo worth it. then i got to try moochies (guy fieri's fav in slc) and ordered a philly cheesesteak. . . the bomb. of course we also had some costa vida and the cocoa bean. best cupcakes EVER. i swear im sounding like the biggest fatty, but im a foodie. . . what can i say :)

jigga 1 and jigga 2 (by association)
amanda and brad

love this one of her. totally captures her personality.

it's always a joy and honor to be asked to sing someone's wedding song.

pizza out of a vending machine???

did you know that you can now get a freshly cooked pizza of your choice in only 2.5 minutes??? genious. this product let's pizza was on how it's made and how it works is purely fascinating. the machine kneads the pizza dough, adds tomato sauce, cheese, and select other toppings and then cooks all under 3 minutes. plus, the pizza only costs about $5. you can even satisfy your pizza craving in the middle of the night. sounds like a deal to me. i'd like one of these in my area. so far i think these machines are only in europe and asia...



poochie the skater

my 8 year old brother going on 18 dressed like a skater today.