cinque terre, liguria

i had never been to cinque terre before, but only had heard good things. cinque terre is on the coast of liguria (a northern region) and consists of five small fishing villages. with that being said, i had a four day weekend so i decided to head on over. i have decided that this place is the prettiest in italy. every village was stunning. so glad i got to go. i sadly couldn't make it to portofino, but on my next trip to italy....i'm renting a boat.
i wanted so badly to rent a little boat and go sailing all along the coast


the train ride was 3 1/2 hours from siena which wasn't that bad. i left friday in the morning and stayed at a bed and breakfast friday so that i would have all of saturday to hike the villages. well, that hike ended up taking me 4 hours because i had to hike 7 miles of stairs. those 7 miles were the hardest 7 miles i have ever done. picture being on the stairmaster for 4 hours in the heat of the sun. but the views....definitely well.worth.it.


Roni said...

oh rachel! i am so jealous you're still in Italy! Isn't Cinque Terre AMAZING!!!

Anonymous said...

Papa and I loved Cinque Terre too. We rode in a boat ( it was raining ) and had to walk off the boat to the shore. The gangplank was moving up and down about 6 feet...it was exciting and scary! Papa got seasick on the boat, but I didn't...we loved it too.