byu vs. sdsu

brigham basketball had a game this week down at san diego state. their campus is amazing. our original tickets were way up in the nosebleeds, but i couldn't resist the chair seats in san diego's aztec territory. we were pretty much the only cougars in that area. needless to say, i lost my voice to my screaming and was beat the end of the night. 

highlights of the game....

a) getting offered red vines from a bunch of smiling aztec students....i'm pretty sure they were tainted with something. what did they think i was born yesterday? i declined.

b) getting offered $1.00 from some guy to lower the tone of my scream because the aztecs were getting tired of hearing it. i told him to keep his money....i just got louder. 

c) watching byu win, and watching all the aztecs leave the game before it was over. 

loved the game and loved the outcome. GO COUGARS! 


Trevor and Colette Riley said...

Awesome!!! LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Did you remember your "Flip Chart"? You might have converted a few Muslims.

Council of 12

Amanda Johnson said...


Cindy said...

Go Cougs! Gotta love 'em.