adi's one year

sweet adi celebrated her one year with some good friends, definitely good food (thanks kehoes), and some good stories. it was such a wonderful evening. i know i'll always remember it. she was so sweet and got everyone some cozy socks. congrats to adi for making it this far.


the lion king musical

last week i saw the lion king with some friends in san diego.


Lion King

Lion King 2

this is to show you our amazing seats. yes, we were the 2nd to last row from the very top. take my advice and don't buy the cheapest tickets.


overall i think i've decided that i'm not a musical person. i've seen other musicals before, but i don't enjoy sitting in one spot for three hours watching people sing and dance. i feel i may be the only one who feels like this. it could have been because i was just at the hospital the entire day and my feet were aching, or the fact that i could barely see anything because we were in the nosebleeds. it is a good show though so if you haven't seen it i recommend it.


it's all about the baby part II

Rachel recording

there's still time.

get your copy here.


halloween bash


some of the gang


patty's plethora and my sweet candle holders


true or false the best pumpkin you have ever seen?