k & t rehearsal dinner

what do you do when you have no time to shop and search for a cute outfit for a rehearsal dinner and you have t minus 24 hours till that time? you consult your friend who should be a designer instead of a nurse. she can hook you up with everything from earrings on down for less than $100. thank you mel ono project.

trev & katie

it's seriously crazy to think about the fact that these two have dated for 7 years. i knew them both in high school and i still love them to death. i still have to post pics from the wedding, but trev barely got through his vows. he was in tears the entire time! it was the sweetest thing to watch a child hood friend marry her best friend.

for dinner we went to rose cantina back in my hometown. it felt so weird to be back in my stomping grounds! i felt like it was just yesterday that i lived there.

katie and i

we first met while in grade school. i was the four-square queen and she was challenging me for my square. i lost and i didn't like her for about a week. then, we became best friends. it's so weird how things like that happen. we did everything together after that. we shared clothes, shoes, computers, food, etc. she was even the one who drove me 7 1/2 hours to the american idol tryouts in san francisco! i love her!

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