number 2 baby!

love these girls. rin, jam, and mel.

phew! i'm done! well for a little bit at least. who would have thought this day would have ever had come? not me that's for sure. i was just thinking about how i've been in school for 6 years straight. i think i'm in dire need of a nice vacation.

today i had my exciting and wet pinning ceremony at a winery where i was "pinned" a nurse. it's so great to graduate with 45 of your friends who you've spent everyday with for the past 2 years. it just had to rain though. . . seriously?? the rain didn't make for a good hair day.

my bestie reiko (mel)

look at the familial support :)
just pinned as a nurse!

passing the flame

hello have you seen such pretty flowers?? they're in my room right now and they smell wonderful. thanks g-ma :)


Alyssa Griffeth said...

CONGRATS, Rach! I bet it feels AWESOME to be done. You were positively MEANT to be a nurse...Way to go!!!

Jamie said...

A HUGE congratulations to you!

andrea said...

Oh my goodness Congratulations!!! I am SO excited for you to be a nurse! Way to stick with your dream- you are AMAZING! p.s. your outfit is darrrling. love you!

Kerstin Miller said...

congrats! you are awesome!