picture this . . .

(this picture doesn't do it any justice)

you're styling your hair 30 minutes before you're about to leave for work
you've just blow-dried your hair and now it's time for the round brush
you section off some hair and roll it around the round brush
as you try to remove the round brush . . . it does. not. come. out.

so in order to remove the brush in T Minus 15 minutes, your dad decides to spray detangler.
not working.
mom thinks pouring the whole bottle of conditioner will remove the knot right?
not working.
mom thinks vegetable oil. . . of course! why didn't we think of that? so now at this point I have in my hair. . .

1) detangler
2) conditioner
3) vegetable oil

not working.

by this time i'm going to be late for work. so what did end up removing the knot?
breaking the handle of the brush, cutting the brush, and chopping off quite a bit of hair.
never again will i be round brushing my hair.


Emilie said...

Hahaha. Oh my gosh that sucks. So, I guess you will be sporting a new shorter hair cut this weekend?

Amanda Glenn said...

JIGGA. I am laughing my a off right now. You kill me.

Anonymous said...

Your now officially in the Fuggly hall of fame.


Dr Seemore Butts