archangel records

i know, i know
i'm the worst blogger ever
boy oh boy have i been busy

this past week not only did i work six 12 hour shifts in a row, but i was performing in a 2 day concert in Orange County for archangel records.

victoria and gary produced an album featuring multiple artists. it's even on itunes.
how cool is that??

so, the first day of the concert was Friday, December 16th
we sold about 250 tickets. not a bad turn out.

Saturday, December 17th was day number 2.
around 500 tickets sold. a very nice turn out.
even got to see my very favorite high school choir teacher, mr. elg (i'm kicking myself for not getting a picture with him. what a joy it was to reunite)

overall the concert was a hit. not only did i get to sing, but i got to see tons of people who've supported me over the years. love them all.

a huge thank you to those that came to the concert. my sister, blupid blore, for doing my hair and make-up for both days. she even stuck with me through my rehearsals. david, for taking us all out to dinner afterward, and aldy for driving all the way from temecula and bringing me flowers.

outfit #1

outfit #2 (a bit more casual)

duet with tandy shields . . . "put you under my tree"
haven't seen ms. alison in over 6 years. she's the exact same. . .cute as ever!

david, me, and blupid blore. they're the best.

aldy drove all the way from temecula to come support me. best branch member ever!

beautiful lillies.
so so tired after the concert. this was at like 11 pm. probably shouldn't have had a full meal at bj's that night.

our dessert

thirty seconds after the dessert came to the table

and ps. . .

here's a little video for those who couldn't make it to the concert. it's almost like you were there :)


Alyssa Griffeth said...

RACH!!! Watching that made me miss you SO darn much! You sounded beautiful, as always.

Hope we can see you soon!

Love you!

Amanda G. said...

Words cannot express how much I love this post.

andrea said...

oh my gosh Rachel this post is absolutely beautiful. Your voice is magical, and the song was so touching. Thanks for sharing- you're a rockstar! Love you!!
p.s. you look just as gorgeous as you sound!

Mary Martha said...

u look bangiing! my goodness. love the dress. merry christmas! xoxoxo

Christine-Chioma said...

You look so good! Smart and pretty too and talented?! Triple threat!

Becca said...

cute dress :)

Anonymous said...

My beautiful granddaughter....so proud of you!
Love, Gram

Tony Giroux said...

such a beautiful woman