csusm graduation

i'm done! the cap and gown ceremony was held at the school for the very first time on friday may 20th. the smith's came to see me walk and then took me out to my very favorite bbq place (phils) and then we went and saw pirates 4 in 3D (which was actually pretty good).

i of course have more graduation photos, but this is what i could salvage for now. . . a nice graduation proof :)

the photographer took individual shots of us also, but she failed to tell me that my tassel was covering my eyes and in fact you couldn't see my eyes, or that the stole on my right side was covering my diploma. thanks, but no thanks.


a gorgeous day in OC

blabs and i

after the pinning ceremony the family and i drove to il fornaio (one of my favorites) in orange county. it was just as good as i remembered. i think i stuffed myself to the brim and look about 4 months pregnant but it was so worth it. thanks to g-ma for being so generous and taking us out to dinner! we all had way too much fun :)

number 2 baby!

love these girls. rin, jam, and mel.

phew! i'm done! well for a little bit at least. who would have thought this day would have ever had come? not me that's for sure. i was just thinking about how i've been in school for 6 years straight. i think i'm in dire need of a nice vacation.

today i had my exciting and wet pinning ceremony at a winery where i was "pinned" a nurse. it's so great to graduate with 45 of your friends who you've spent everyday with for the past 2 years. it just had to rain though. . . seriously?? the rain didn't make for a good hair day.

my bestie reiko (mel)

look at the familial support :)
just pinned as a nurse!

passing the flame

hello have you seen such pretty flowers?? they're in my room right now and they smell wonderful. thanks g-ma :)

video chat/birthday/graduation party

the fam video chatting with patty in NC
mema's 9th birthday and my graduation at g-ma's casa

singing happy birthday to mema


bored in the car

strawberries from g-ma for some jam :)
gun show

some kiddies

duck face


a great mother's day

look at her long red hair. here's some of the family skyping.
the tag :)
patty's duck face!

thank you to whomever developed SKYPE. chatting with patty on mother's day was the greatest ever. we got to chat for 51 minutes and we could have chatted for even longer!

she said she LOVES the area and hopes her brazilian visa gets lost on the way to to North Carolina :) the visa IS on it's way to NC and she should be off to Brazil very soon. she mentioned that they've had a lot of scary weather storms and was even caught in a small tornado.