taking a trip down memory lane

thought about this lady tonight and how my roommates and i were convinced that she knew how to speak english yet told us she didn't. i was reminded of how she had a bee culture (apicultura) in her large backyard. i remember her feeding us a brioche filled with apricot jam every morning for breakfast. italians love apricots. i got sick of them pretty fast. she loved that i loved her cooking. my roommates used to say i was her favorite. they told me once rita always said "rachele" this, "rachele" that. haha. i swear it's just because i was the italian one in the house. i remember her love for her cats. not my finest memory. she used to make my bed while i was at work, and when i would come home her cat would be sleeping on my pillow. i'm getting grossed out just thinking about it.
this was the street we lived on. strada di pian del lago. we used to have to walk up a beautifully long hill to make it to the bus stop where we would wave our hands for the nice man to pick us up. he loved us. i wanted so bad to blend in with the rest of the group on the bus, and by the end of my trip i was chatting it up with neighborhood ladies that were going to pick up some groceries. we became good friends.

don't you hate how your mind fails you sometimes? i was just thinking about how many things i am beginning to forget about my trip. i've got to start writing my thoughts down when they come to me.

-photos by rique stone-


Whitney Elizabeth said...

I love reading about your adventures. Let's plan a trip to Italy together...maybe for our 30th birthdays?

Mary Martha said...

great memory! That's so great. of course she loved you. who doesn't your adoreable. i'm so glad you did that internship. You will never forget it. I can't believe you got to see that famous horse race too. love u

Ben and Jill said...

rachel! glad to see life is going well for you!