ugly sweater party

some of the ugly sweaters

patty's playhouse.

when the patty's throw a party...we do it right.

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Victoria said...

Nice digs, Rachel:) So what is going on in your life? I hope you don't mind I gave Tyler your phone number... he has been trying to figure out nursing school stuff, and I thought you might have a useful perspective.

So I was thinking that maybe in the next month or two, you if you get a day off we could do some recording? Maybe spring break? Any ideas? I have some ideas for "My Life" for re-recording and updating it, as well as "He Hears Me," and maybe a hymn as well. I don't have new stuff written yet, but that would keep us plenty busy for a day. Let me know when you think things might lighten up for you... I know you are SUPER busy!