d-land during x-mas

i can't believe this is the only picture we got while at disneyland. all the kiddies, david, and dad.

have you ever been to disneyland during x-mas? it has to be the best time of year to go. stay for the firework show at the end. they even make it snow! make sure you also grab a $3.50 churro . . . really? how can they be that expensive? i guess everything at d-land is. i could seriously eat more than one if they weren't each 500 calories LOL.

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Mary Martha said...

so much fun! we were supposed to go for a few days this christmas but andrew's sister is in the hospital 28 weeks pregnant. Anyways... I hear the christmas decorations at disney are fun. I've never been much for disney. it kills me how much a bottle water is even.