who knew my dad was such a poet?

this was sent to patty who is currently on a mission. who knew guato was this good of a poet?

(Repeat as often as necessary to remember why you left on a Mission)

A Lamanite Lymerick

There once was a Mia Maid named Bub
Who filed her small toe to a nub
Cananites always Rap
"________" she did slap (name omitted for privacy)
Sasquatch really loves "Circus Crap"
When she left she needed a big hankee
Because waiting at home was her blankee
Pechanga was scared
The Bubster was prepared
I love Joseph Smith! she'd declared
To Brazil comes Bub, "The Thong Fightin Sister"
Because wearing them can cause "a big awful blister"
Evil Doers will run
Because she looks like a Nun
Portuguese is a real "Tongue Twister"
Her family is minus the second child born
Her Mom, her Dad, her family is torn,
Why the Bubster did leave, and cause them to mourn
But waiting they will, and the Devil will burn,
The greatest Missionary ever,
Soon will return!

Written by the Quorum of 9.5
(carried to the nearest decimal point)


Victoria said...

Oh man... that is pretty funny. And kind of twisted. :)

Anonymous said...

Clever....we all miss our Vanessa