who knew my dad was such a poet?

this was sent to patty who is currently on a mission. who knew guato was this good of a poet?

(Repeat as often as necessary to remember why you left on a Mission)

A Lamanite Lymerick

There once was a Mia Maid named Bub
Who filed her small toe to a nub
Cananites always Rap
"________" she did slap (name omitted for privacy)
Sasquatch really loves "Circus Crap"
When she left she needed a big hankee
Because waiting at home was her blankee
Pechanga was scared
The Bubster was prepared
I love Joseph Smith! she'd declared
To Brazil comes Bub, "The Thong Fightin Sister"
Because wearing them can cause "a big awful blister"
Evil Doers will run
Because she looks like a Nun
Portuguese is a real "Tongue Twister"
Her family is minus the second child born
Her Mom, her Dad, her family is torn,
Why the Bubster did leave, and cause them to mourn
But waiting they will, and the Devil will burn,
The greatest Missionary ever,
Soon will return!

Written by the Quorum of 9.5
(carried to the nearest decimal point)


just another day at williams-sonoma

who knew that i lived in a town where you could see two celebs in one day. i sure didn't.
i saw 'the power of love' crooner (he also sings 'cruisin' with gweneth paltrow)

huey lewis


#30 terrell davis. former rb for denver broncos.
(nicest/most handsome guy ever)

he even signed a ws gift card (lol).


patty's bom viagem party

before patty left for her mission, our family wanted to throw her a 'bom viagem' party or a going away party in portuguese. we were able to have her party at the castle, a previous b & b in wine country.

patty. sister borcherds. keith.

sister borcherds has to be the sweetest most courageous woman i've met in a long time. she went through the most horrific event of her life, but she still continues to carry on and put a smile on her face. she was so gracious enough to let us use her home with such short notice. she also has the cutest accent (she's south african).

dad and some of the kiddies

some of the desserts.
i ordered 4 different kinds of cupcakes from a local bakery that i heard was outstanding.
well, they seriously didn't disappoint because they were AMAZING.
we had red velvet, carrot cake, boston cream pie, and strawberry shortcake

my g-ma also brought beautiful edible arrangements that were so delicious! they added the perfect touch to the table.

and onto the cake. . .
this cake was a.maz.ing. i am not a cake lover, but this was definitely worth every penny and mile driven. the bakery, flour power bakery, was all the way in el cajon which is really far from my house. the cake is a soft white cake with bavarian cream and a thin layer of raspberry and lemon. the frosting was whipped cream with shaved white chocolate. i had them put the brazilian flag on top and have it say "boa viagem irma ricchio!" or "good journey sister ricchio!"

2 of the kiddies eating le lasagne. for the food we had two large lasagne trays, sandwiches, pasta salads, antipasti trays, and salads.

the bar
we had to add the brazilian flag


she'd kill me if she knew i was posting this

we all miss her already and it's been a whopping 2 days.

when she quit her job, one of the gifts that she received was an amazing ipod touch
well, as a missionary, you can't bring something like that on your mission.
sooo....someone has to inherit it right? yep, that would be me.
i was trying to figure out how to work it when i stumbled upon this video.

now, most of you will think she is completely retarded. i don't. it's a family quirk of ours and it did nothing but make me laugh.

i'll go where you want me to go

in front of the mtc

a beautiful day in la

spent the afternoon in LA today with some friends. the best we could do with celeb spotting was this guy. . .

.larry king.
i have to admit, i was hoping for someone better. lol.

on the other hand, this was a pleasant surprise to stumble upon. it took me a second to realize what it really was!

the la temple. so pretty.


d-land during x-mas

i can't believe this is the only picture we got while at disneyland. all the kiddies, david, and dad.

have you ever been to disneyland during x-mas? it has to be the best time of year to go. stay for the firework show at the end. they even make it snow! make sure you also grab a $3.50 churro . . . really? how can they be that expensive? i guess everything at d-land is. i could seriously eat more than one if they weren't each 500 calories LOL.