meet signora lusini

just got an email regarding my host in italy. looks like i am going to have some great stories when i come back.

"Mrs. Lusini is a very nice retired lady. Her hobbies are sewing and beekeeping. She lives in a very beautiful large house with garden and terrace in the countryside. She is always very nice and helpful. She provides breakfast - dinner - clean bed sheets every two weeks.If you want you can also use a bicycle that Rita can lend you. When you go out in the evening you can ask to Mrs. Lusini to pick you up. She is always very nice and helpful with the students. She has a cat, that stays in the garden.Distance from the centre of Siena: about 20 minutes by bus or 10-15 by car."

i'm not gonna lie. i am a little worried about the beekeeping part.

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jonny hudson said...

i am SO jealous...i wish i was coming along, or at least coming to visit...