this is all i want right now. nothing sounds better than plain yogurt with raspberries. sadly, utah doesn't have a pinkberry store, but thank heaven 'red mango' a.k.a pinkberry is coming to town soon.


noelle regina said...

cara signorina italiana,
do you speak italian? thanks for your message- it was, as i'm sure you are, absolutely DELIGHTFUL.

con affetazione,

noelle regina said...

have you tried spoon me?
better tan pinkberry in my personal opinion. DELISH

b said...

Yoasis just opened at the Hogi Yogi on the corner.... not great, but it can hold you over.

Spoon Me in SLC is fantastic, just like Noelle says. And it should be open in Provo by summer.

noelle regina said...

we need to be friends in real life.
i studied in rome for 6 months, and moved back to italy to work at the 2006 Olympics in Torino.

Roma e la mia citta preferita. di dove sei? i miei nonni sono di abruzzo e calabria?