i finally arrived saturday night with no luggage. yes, good ol' alitalia lost both of my bags so i have been wearing the same clothes since i arrived saturday and its now monday. sick. it wasn't that difficult to adjust to the 9 hour time change, but who knows....it might catch up soon. siena is amazingly gorgeous. i am going to post pictures soon. im at the internet cafe right now. signora lusini is sooo sweet. she wants us to call her aunt. the language surprisingly hasn't been difficult. i pretty much understand everything and can get around. it feels awesome to be able to communicate. to be continued....


Roni said...

oh how exciting ricchio (except for the no luggage part)! i leave friday and i am totally stoked! yay for italia!

Geoffrey said...


So glad to hear you arrived. I was getting worried!

Go buy a phone today!!!! I don't care what it costs.....just get it.


whitney said...

oh my gosh you are alive!!!!!!you know I will be checking this thing a couple times a day so please keep updating!! Miss you so much
-your bff

Gram Ricchio said...

Soooo glad the luggage arrived. I'll be sending a care package soon. Gina graduates from APU this week and Darrilyn's sister will be having a little party for her. Soon you will graduate...time just flies. So, enjoy every moment in Italy. Be sure to take notes. Tell us about your school classes and your job too. Have you cooked anything yet? I might have Emma's birthday dinner on Mother's Day...we'll see. Your little sisters are growing up before our eyes!

Love you, Gram.