wanna get away?

oh the joys of flying southwest airlines. the cheap flights, crammed airplane, stuffy cabin, rude stewardesses, etc.

nothing topped this flight off better than finding out you're sitting next to a convicted felon. that's right folks. the tatted covered man i sat next to has been in jail since he was 18. oh, and he's 48. what did he do you might ask? well, i don't know if this is more comforting, but he did some hard core drugs. it felt like he was the drug lord. ooo,scary. meanwhile, i proceed to ask him about the story of his tattoos. he responds with something like "oh these are a bunch of women, this is a prison tower..." well, let me remind you that my ears were still plugged because of the pressure, so i responded with, "a prison towel?" VERY loud i might add. after i said this he told me to be quiet because he didn't want others to get scared. great, i thought, now he's gonna kill me. f-words were flying out of his mouth left and right. probably, one of the worst flights ever which leads me to answering the airline's clever question...yes please and make it quick.

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jonny hudson said...

what an amazing flight!!! i was i was there...i can think of plenty of questions i would've asked...i guess i'm flying southwest from now on.