mi piace restaurant

ate at a great italian restaurant in one of my favorite cities, pasadena this past weekend. devoured a delicious butternut squash ravioli dish with a brown butter sauce, and finished the meal off with a few desserts that i shared with the siblings. oh, grandmama didn't want us to forget the experience so she bought us all mi piace ("i like it") shirts. priceless.


Anonymous said...

Love this photo! I'll have it enlarged! How I loved having you here! Your are a fantastic chef! Tell about your dinner that you cooked! Thank you for the beautiful note. Lov', Gram

Anonymous said...

Hey Rachey,


Uncle Hulka

Anonymous said...

you guys are totally way hott! love the shirts ... where's mine?
- beef

Grant and Alyssa said...

I almost didn't recognize your brother! He looks SO old!