first day of work

where do i start. lets see, probably at 9:30 when I arrived and then 2:00 once i finished cleaning everything up. oh, not to mention that i am going BACK to work at 6 PM to work until 10 PM. one of the longest days of my life. i need to post some pictures of the kitchen and some of the dishes. the food actually turned out good and it was delicious too. the chef even gave me some to take home for tomorrows lunch.

it definitly wasn't as bad as i was expecting. i thought it was going to be a lot worse. at least i didn't have to do the dishes like this poor asian guy did. i don't even think he knew what he was doing. the chef would tell him something unrelated and he would just bow his head and with a smile say, yes.

dessert was interesting. some of you will think i am self righteous. oh well. we had tiramisu after lunch. the tiramisu we made contained coffee and brandy and quite a bit i might add. let me remid you that before i had started this internship, the director told me that if there is something that i cannot eat, do not be shy, do not get embarrassed, just bluntly tell the chef no. okay, not to bad. WRONG. the chef started to serve me tiramisu and i kindly and politely refused. she just about flipped a brick. i honestly thought she was going to stab me with the 12 inch long knife she was holding. she yelled something in italian, i didn't really pay attention because i was looking for the nearest exit. it sounded something like how dare you decline my food, etc. whatever lady. deal with it. i ate all the rest of your food.

that was day one. actually, im not even finished with day one. i still have to go back. let's hope it gets better. the good things about today: had delicious food, met some very nice people from the US and didn't get to wash dishes.

will post pictures later.

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Roger said...

thank you for mentioning the disenfranchised asian cleaning the dishes.