oh the people you meet

yesterday after work i had a few hours to kill before i started my next shift. the weather was so hot and humid that after walking around for a couple hours, i was beat. i bought a fanta, and proceeded to sit in the shade.

about 15 minutes into my rest, i was greeted by a italian couple who asked me all sorts of questions. while the wife was asking me a question, she leaned over to her left side and let out the biggest fart i have ever heard. she nor her husband flinched. i, of course, had this look of disgust and shock on my face because of this slightly abnormal situation. as i tried to hold it together to answer, she continued to let them fly.

i came to the conclusion that with this particular bodily function in public, our cultures are COMPLETELY different.


Geoffrey said...

I fedexed a gas mask for you. It will be difficult to speak Italian but you should be safe from "Chronic Gas Attacks"
Love Ya!!

Roger said...

This made me laugh really hard. I can't count how many times that happened to me on my mission-at the dinner table, during a lesson, you name it. Oddly, I somewhat miss these brazen courtesies.